ToughCut Scissor Mod

Introduction: ToughCut Scissor Mod

I really liked the additional functionality of FlightShears caribiner trauma shears but didn't really need titanium scissors nor have $45-$50 to spare. So I modded my existing stainless steel "tuffkuts" to suit.

You just need a pair of cheap emergency/tech shears, a O-ring and a small hacksaw or gents saw.

1. make an oblique cut in the largest handle about 3/4 of the way from the blades. You need to cut at an angle so that the two parts "meet" neatly and "lock". You can increase the curvature of the rearmost part by using a heat gun - lightly - and bending the handle slightly more...

2. slip a suitable O-ring over the blades and past the pivot point. This keeps the blades closed and stops you requiring emergency treatment yourself. The flimsier your O-ring, the further you may need to slide it up the blades...

3. mark it with your initials. This might deter your colleagues from "borrowing", I use a good quality indelible pen such as an aerospace marker...

If you want to toughen up the "carabiner" part of the handle, cut brass or stainless tube to suit, slip the pieces over the cut ends of the handle and secure with a transverse pin and/or compatible structural adhesive.

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