Toy Story Army Man

Introduction: Toy Story Army Man

How to make a Toy Story army man:
First lets start with the supplies list:
* 7-8 cans of green spray paint (Walmart)
* 2-3 cans of gloss clear spray paint (Walmart)
* 2 quarts of hi-gloss interior paint to match the spray paint (Home Depot)
* Green face make up (Mehron)
* Heavy duty Velcro strips
* paint brush
* Green hair spray
Items to be painted:
* Army fatigues (Army surplus store)
* Combat boots (Army surplus store)
* old backpack
* toy machine gun
* toy grenades & binoculars (Dollar Tree)
* canteen with holder (Army surplus store)
* belt
* card board 
* army goggles (Army surplus store)
* army helmet (Army surplus store)

I started this costume with painting all the fabric items (army fatigues, back pack, parts of the combat boots, canteen holder) with the hi-gloss interior paint , this acts as a primer/sealer so you wont need as much spray paint.. Once this paint has completely dry with the green spray paint and spray all items on the list (about 2 coats) make sure to let dry completely between coats, then spray all items with gloss clear coat, the fabric items may need 2 coats, use your judgement so everything has a similar plastic look. The last item is the cardboard cutouts for the feet, you could create any shape you like then spray paint 2 coats of green and 1 coat of clear.  Once the cardboard has dried use the Velcro strips on to the bottom of the boots and place on the cardboard.

For her face and hair, I used Mehron face paint for her face, neck, and hands, and green hair spray for her the back of her hair.

This costume is kind of time consuming but I think the it's worth ts.

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