Trainer Rubber Band Chopsticks

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Good morning everyone, and Happy New Year!

Here is my first instructable for 2017, I trust that everyone is off to a great start so here we go.

What You Need

1. A rubber band

2. A set of Chopsticks

Step 1 - Take the Chopsticks out of the protective paper sleeve.

Step 2 - Roll up the paper protective sleeve up starting at the bottom.

Step 3 - Break apart the sticks and place the rubber band around both Chopsticks.

Step 4 - Place the rolled up paper protective sleeve in between the sticks and above the rubber band.

Step 5 - Twirl or twist the rubber band above and below the roll, mainly towards the top.

Step 6 - Use the sticks!

Note: Keep the notches facing each other to create the ( V shape ) before wrapping the rubber band around.

The rubber band will keep tension on the sticks and keep them open in a ( V shape ).

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