Travelling With a Mac Laptop or IPod and Camera Charger? Don't Take That Power Cord!


Introduction: Travelling With a Mac Laptop or IPod and Camera Charger? Don't Take That Power Cord!

Here's a very simple instructable for those of you who frequently travel with a Mac laptop (such as a MacBook) or an iPod and has a digital camera that has it's own battery charger. It doesn't need more than one step, as it's pretty obvious once you see it.

Instead of having to pack a cable to charge your camera, if you've got a Mac laptop or an iPod PSU, you can use the 'duckhead' attachment (the bit that actually plugs into the wall) and use it with your charger.

Most camera chargers use a "figure-of-8" lead - it looks like a...well... figure of 8. Apple's power supplies for iPods and Mac laptops use a *slight* variation on tihs, but the connection is actually the same.

Most chargers are the same, they are a small box with the mains connection right on the edge with no gap or obstruction. Simply attach the duckhead to the camera charger, and plug it into the wall. I have tested it with various Olympus chargers and UK/EU/US attachments, which all work.

The great thing is that the duckhead, when connected to the charger, seems to be pretty solid - it's actually quite stiff so it's not going to fall off in the middle of the night.

YMMV, but on the whole, a great way to save having to pack another cable, and it's also less clutter.



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    I've been doing this forever but never thought of sharing the tip, great share :)
    Hmmmmmm, do I have any other tips I could share ?

    I tried this when I realised I'd forgotten my camera charger cable while about 300 miles from home, but the cable for my MacBook charger was a B shape, not an 8, so the 8 shape on the camera charger meant the MB charger cable wouldn't fit. So I took the scalpel I luckily had in my car (I was a design student at the time), cut about 5cm off the cable for the TV in my room (after removing the plug, and I left it as I found it, I promise!) and used the pair of wires in that cable to bridge the gap between the MB charger cable and camera charger. I used the insulation I'd trimmed off almost like heat shrink to keep the wire firmly attached to the pins on the camera charger, too... That was probably the smartest thing I've ever done, it almost made up for being stupid enough to leave the camera cable at home.

    My music teacher did the exact opposite of that: use a standard figure 8 to replace his broken "duckhead" and saved money!

    I don't know why I didn't think of this before. It'll make a big difference when travelling - much less to pack and carry and it'll help with the baggage allowance too. Thanks!

    The same trick should work for many brands of laptop power cables. Looking around the various cables where I live, about 80% of the IBM cables use the 2 pin figure 8 cable end, with the others using the 3 pin instead. Thanks for pointing this out, though! I hadn't thought to tag the adapter directly onto the power brick before, and had ended up carrying adapters to plug the cable into while traveling.

    old , trusty trick ! it also works with the PSP adapter and with Casio cameras , And unveliably it works with sony cameras too .