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Introduction: Trim a Tree, Build a Trellis

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More and more people today are growing their own food.  If you are planning a huge garden or if you have hundreds of plants in your yard, buying trellises for them to climb can get expensive.  I was trimming my pine trees and realized i could use the branches to build a free trellis!  I used pine branches, but certainly any tree branches could be used.  This trellis is pretty big.  Smaller ones can be created for flower beds.  

Here is a link for  how to do a square lash.  This is the link i used to learn how.



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    Nice- I built a little arbor for vines in a similar manner. I didn't put in the ground as it is self standing....did you ever build the espalier?

    This is a very good way to use sticks and branches that most people would burn or trash.

    A similar idea is to create a "live fence," by planting willows or bamboo, for example, and then weaving them into a fence as they grow. There is a fair amount of information online about how to do this.

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    Thats the next project. I am going to make an apple tree "espalier" on the north side of my yard!