Tunnel of Terror Halloween 2007

Introduction: Tunnel of Terror Halloween 2007

For the last four years, my family has planned, designed, bulit, and run an amature haunted house/maze each Halloween. We built the whole tunnel in our yard and made nearly all of our props.

The leader of the outfit is my dad. He's is also the one who built 95% of the Tunnel and desinged and made his own automated animatronic-type props.

Then there's me, mostly in charge of costumes and decorating inside the Tunnel, and my younger brother and sister as well as other family members and friends.

This past year (2010), we took admission and donated the proceeds to the Make A Wish Foundation.



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    wow i love your cloth for your entry taake a look at how to scare trick or treaters by naked reapair men might help this year

    That is soooo cool! The creepy writing on the wall reminds me of dr who ;)

    oops.. forgot to say I really like Georgia !

    That is fantastic ! We started out kind of the same way 15 yrs ago, now I have 2 10x12 sheds and an 18' box truck full of halloween "stuff" ! Its an obsession but its a great way for our family to get together. Check out my "ibles" for a look and some scare builds. Have a scary HALLOWEEN ! !