Turn Any IR Remote Control to a Wireless Control ON/OFF Switch





Introduction: Turn Any IR Remote Control to a Wireless Control ON/OFF Switch

While building a Toastmaster timer, I needed a switch to act as a Start/Stop switch. I first built it with a long flexible coax cable, but as time went on, it turned out to be impracticable: it could be too long and people could trip on it. So I was looking for a circuit to remotely control the timer without wire, and it almost has to be cheap and built from readily available household components. Let's see what do I have around my house which can function as a wireless device. Eureka! a bunch of  old and abandoned IR remote controls.
The idea is very simple: the IR remote control sends out a stream of 10 bits, and the simplest way so far to convert this stream to a simple pulse is using an One shot circuit to generate a simple pulse when any remote button is pushed.

Step 1: Component List

Very short: 2 IC and 4 passive elements.

555 (8 pin)
TSOP1838 (Vishay IR receiver 38Khz)
Caps: 10uF, 1uF, 0.1uF
Resistors: 18K

Step 2: Schematic

Schematic and a remote control

Step 3: Breadboarding

Step 4: Scope Shot

Blue trace: actual IR code
Yellow trace: output of the 555: single pulse

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with an idea to modify the circuit for another idea

How do I control a dc fan by Ir remote control which has five modes: On/Off, High/Slow, Up/Down, Left/Right and On/Off for torch with white LED. Please who can send me a circuit diagram? Thanks for help!!

sir! what is the watt of resistor?

thanks advance sir

Can I use this circuit for powering on my computer CPU instead of the push on-push-off button?

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If you know how to design a relay driver circuit. What you need is a driver: ULN2003, and a 5V relay like the TQ2-5V. A nice feature of the ULN2003 is that it has an internal diode, and the logic is TTL.

Hi sir this is receiver or transmitter.

Can you provide a schematic for this? I am new to electronics so it would be hard for me to design this circuit .thanks

I know this is an old project but I have a few questions if you could help.

I take it this would work like a momentary contact switch. Seems like the 1microFarad capacitor would generate a .2 sec pulse. If I wanted 1 second would I substitute a 50uF? Also what is the 10uF at the far left of the diagram for? What I'm trying to do is use an IR remote to trip the reset or poweron pin to a builder board like an aurdino, R3, CHIP, etc.

Thanks in advance for any help


the circuit is rapidly turning my LED on/off and not giving one output at once. what should i do?

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Well, he's using a timer, so if you do something wrong it's dead


2 years ago

brother plz give me a perfect and simple remot controll ckt via email.Ayan.megamind25@gmail.com..this ckt is not working..I need one.plz brother

Thanks for the introduction to a 555 timer's Monostable Mode/Operation. This circuit depending on the R and C will give you the delay timer capabilities of an egg timer, cool right ? The governing law is the time constant of t (sec) = 1.1*R (ohm)*C(farad)

There are other modes, including Bistable (of 2 digital outputs, HIGH, and LOW), and Astable(of waveform signal). Try to read [1], [2], and amazing i'ble by [3].




[4] http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/electronics-components-555-timer-chip-in-monostabl.html

You need to provide a 5V input to the cirduit.

To control the relay you need some sort of driver such as a power transistor or an IC such as ULN2003.

Where should 5v input in this diagram ?

Where should 5v input in this diagram ?

Very great tutorial can u explain hot to connect this circuit with relay module ?

Hey Guy, Is the circuit with the 555 IC and TSOP1838 is the circuit for the receiver, then the remote is the transmitter?

what is the output of the 'out' in this circuit? should i pair it with the + or -? also, i still get a pulse output from the out. i only had a 10k resistor on hand. would this be the case? i need a circuit that switches negative and give a solid output while the ir is receiving a pulse. and is just an open circuit when it is not receiving signal. can you give me a bit more info here? thanks

I've connected the circuit, as shown in the fig.

What should I do to check its working?

What do I connect in the output?

Should it be a pnp transistor used as a switch?

Please reply.