[Tutorial for 4DIY.ORG] - How to Make a Multi-color Wireless Lamp

Introduction: [Tutorial for 4DIY.ORG] - How to Make a Multi-color Wireless Lamp

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It's so wonderful when you make a hand-made gift for your family and your friend in this new year. That gift doesn’t only show your clever skill but also your message "I always love and give the best wishes to my family".

Following below steps to create that amazing gift.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

A. Materials
1. 1x 4DIY Board (Arduino-compatible).
2. 1x Box.
3. 1xSwitch to on/off Power.
4. 1x Cocacola cans.
5. 1x Cooling fan mini.
6. 1x Battery.
7. 1x RGB LED.
8. 1x Metal bar about 20cm.
9. 1x Piece of paper with your favorite image.
B. Tools
1. 1x Drill mini.
2. 1x Pen.
3. 1x Glue.

Are you ready? ==> Lets go

Step 2: Make a Lamp Base

Lamp base is used for containing: the batteries, 4DIY board, LED RGB and cooling fan mini.

Watch images below for more details.

Step 3: Make Images for Cans

You can choose any pictures that you like such as: Noel pine, flower, stars, and especially Valentine heart. The more beautiful the picture is, the more sparkling the lamp becomes.

Step 4: Attach 4DIY Board to Lamp Base

Installationl Steps:
- positive and negative of the cooling fan mini are connected to the +5V pin and GND pin of 4DIY Board
- the negative of LED RGB is connected to GND pin of the 4DIY Board.
- Red wire of RGB connects to P0 pin of 4DIY Board.
- Green wire of RGB connects to P1 pin of 4DIY Board.
- Blue wire of RGB connects to P2 pin of 4DIY Board.

Step 5: Application

This is 4DIY Application -  It is  specifically designed for 4DIY Board and totally free.
You can easily download it from store (Applestore and CH Play), especially it can work good with Arduino Ethernet Shield too.

You can dowload source for anrduino at: http://www.4diy.org or email to: contact.4diy@gmail.com

Step 6: Result and More

View more details and download source at htp://www.4diy.org

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