UNIVERSAL LAPTOP HOLDER (made With Autodesk 123D Design)

Hi there! Ever wondered how a laptop can "breathe" when its fans are under the machine on a table? The answer surprisingly is "it CAN'T". Fact is that you should get a device to raise you laptop so that it can properly ventilate itself. After thinking and tinkering about this for a while now (the design), I created a system that does exactly that and more (with neat features). Presenting the Universal Laptop Holder also known as ULH for short. This system provides great ventilation while enjoying comfort and style due to its round surfaces similar to those on a MacBook. The ULH does not only comfort and stylise you or help your laptop work better, it does more than that, it actually can fit a small laptop such as an ultra book inside and acts like a case. To add, it can fit most of your wires and ports with its convenient 360 degree slots which can also be used as a handle (with a strong material). However, not to worry if you have a bigger computer, this may even give you more room, the laptop can sit on the edges leaving you room to place external drives and other objects with less chances of falling. To conclude, with the right size this model (located at the bottom) is a convenient choice to help your digital life become more portable for devices you use on your lap. The model below is an .stl file. Hope you enjoy! Cheers.



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