Uh-Oh, This Ain't Spaghetti-oh's!



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In this instructable I will show you how to make that childhood classic spaghetti-o's!  Or at least a pretty darn close facsimile 

Step 1: Step 1; Gather Your Materials

You will need:
2 cans of tomato soup (10 3/4oz)
1 lb of small shells, rings or alphabet pasta
6 oz processed cheese
1 can of milk
1 can of water

you will also need a spatula or spoon, colander, large stock pot and bowls.  The dog is optional, but is a great tool anytime you make a mistake cooking 

Step 2: Step 2; Cook Pasta and Drain

I won't insult you by explaining how to boil water and cook pasta.  I'm sure by now you are an expert.  However a word of caution, since you will add the pasta to the tomato, cheese mix you will want to cook your pasta about 1-3 min less than you usually do.  It will continue to cook in the mix.

Step 3: Step 3; Add Soup Mix

While pasta drains, add tomato soup, milk and water to pot; stir.  Cut processed cheese in cubes, the smaller the better.  Keep stirring until cheese melts completely.  Once cheese is melted add pasta back to mix and heat thoroughly.    

Step 4: Step 4; EAT!

Well you've made it this far now comes the best part, eating!  The sauce will thicken as it cools. Hope you enjoyed this.



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