UpBrella - Waste Knot

Introduction: UpBrella - Waste Knot

This project looks at using 2 waste streams that I found readily available to create an umbrella which I have called Upbrella. Bike inner tubes seem to been in abundance as is high grade rip stop sail material from sail manufacturers.

For this project you're going to need:

- Bicycle pump - Lezyne Road Drive Mini ABS Pump

- rip stop nylon sail cloth - 75gsm - 2 square meters or old waterproof jacket or other waterproof material - I contacted a sail manufacturer and got this material as offcut waste for FREE.

- rip stop nylon sail cloth - 200-250 gsm - 2 square meters - I contacted a sail manufacturer and got this material as offcut waste for FREE.

- 2-3 bicycle inner tubes 700 x 18/25 (easy to pick up punctured ones for FREE from most bike shops and repair them yourself with repair kit)

- Schrader inner tube value - (again easy to pick up for FREE from most bike shops in their inner tube waste)

- access to 3D printer for the core junction

- aluminium tubing - 450 mm by 22mm

- hacksaw

- small file set

- strong 2 part epoxy glue. 3 hr set time plus.

- scissors

- ruler

- sewing machine with leather needle or equivalent

- strong thread

- 14mm ‘O’ ring

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Step 1: Slot Rip Stop Nylon Into Core

- you should be able to slot the rip-stop nylon strut into the core.

- The inner tube sits inside the rip stop nylon strut

Step 2: Clamp Ends of Inner Tubes With Strips of Aluminium

- cuts 12 strips of aluminium in 10mm by 45mm pieces.

- using a pair of pliers bend put a 90 degree bend in the strips 10mm from each end

- fold the end of the inner tubes 3 times with each fold being around 15mm long.

- clamp the bent aluminium crimps over the end of the folded inner tubes and press down the 2 protruding parts creating the mini clamp.

- If you have access to a work bench clamp put the whole end in this and press together until firm.

Step 3: 3D Print Out Core Junction

- you can use a ultimaker or similar 3D printer to print these 3 components.

- printing in Nylon will strengthen the core to the umbrella. It may even be worth trying to print in a PLA/ rubber mix to give the core greater flexibility.

Step 4: Get Hold of Dacron 200-250 Gsm Rip Stop Nylon

- Try and convince your local/ regional sail manufacturer to give you some dacron 200-250 gsm rip stop nylon

- alternatively most sailing clubs will have old main sails around that is off almost equal strenth

Step 5: Get Hold of Discarded Bike Inner Tubes

- I got mine from a local bike shops that throws them out daily.

- Apparently after it rains they then typically receive more punctured inner tubes as the glass etc gets washed into the roads causing more punctures

- I used 700 x 18/25 inner tubes though I am sure 700 x 28 etc would work well.

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    This looks great! How did you attach the rip stop nylon to the inner tubes?


    Reply 3 years ago


    Thanks glad you like. I still need to add more instructions though in middle of final 6 weeks of MA in industrial design so lots on.

    The inner tubes fit inside the ripstop nylon sort of like a sock.

    I'll try to put some more photos up now so you can see.