Upcycled Green Robot

For the 5th year birthday of my grandson Benjamin, I decided to make an articulated green robot out of scrap.

First step is to gather a lot of plastic caps, bottles, and small plastic parts.

I was inspired by some pinterest pins, but I didn't tried to reproduce them. It is like a collage, you have to be open to what the parts in front of you propose... The starting point was a big plastic surprise egg from Eastern. At the end it is green robot proudly standing on its legs.

Benjamin adopted it!

I also published this instructable in french on my blog, you can visit it, you will find some more ideas.


Step 1: The Legs

To make the legs, I used :

- hemispherical parts to make the attachment to the body

- golf balls to make the knee hinges

- rubber dampers from a turntable record player

- green aluminium tubes cut in pieces (I don't remember from where)

A rubber band is going through all the parts and is secured with a plastic bead. The first rubber band I used was too weak, and I had to reassemble everything with a rubber band which is used in clothes.

To tension it enough, I attached the rubber bands from each leg together.

Step 2: The Head

The head is made of plastic caps, a cable connector, attached together with a screw going through all the parts, and a nut in the body.

Step 3: The Arms

For the arms I used again the hemisherical parts to a make the shoulder attachment

The arm itself is a piece of an alumium beer bottle, you will recognize the brand.

Then a plastic cap and finally a small part to make the hand.

I did the same than for the legs: I attached the two rubber bands from right and left arm together.

Step 4: Secure the Upper and Lower Parts of the Body

It is very easy to assemble the robot with body (the egg) being in 2 parts.

The drawback is that is not so firmly attached together.

To secure it I made the rubber band from the arms going through the bottom (there is a slot) and attached two beads together.

At the end this robot is male and female, what do you think?

Step 5: It's Done, Enjoy Making Some Gym...

With the rubber bands and the balls, the arms and leg can take various positions.

The 2 parts of the body can turn independently 360°

The head also can turn 360 °.

It is a very flexible robot which can stand on its feet.

With this instructable, I participate to the rainbow contest 2019, 'green color', if you liked it, vote for me!

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