Upload 360 Degree Photo to Facebook

Introduction: Upload 360 Degree Photo to Facebook

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Upload 360 degree photo to Facebook with your mobile having simple gyro sensor.

Step 1: Downlaod Google Camera App

Download Google Camera app in your mobile. For download this app you will not find any apk on google play store as google remove it, but you can download from other sites. Here is one of the link for download camera app

"Google Camera". You can find on google for this apk icon of app is given in image.

Step 2: Capture 360 Image

Open Google Camera app select Sphere mode and capture 360 image as shown in photo.

Step 3: Wait Until Image Is Processing

Step 4: Change Meta Data of Image

copy past image in you PC. Go to website https://www.thexifer.net and upload your image and

Change camera info:
Make: Ricoh


And click Go:eXifing button

Then close dialogue box and download image.

Step 5: Upload Image to Facebook

Open facebook and click on regular image upload button

Select image which is download from https://www.thexifer.net/.

chick on brush icon corner of the image and adjust view and click save button

then post your image now you can see the 360 image is uploaded to facebook. Enjoy and share 360 moments.

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    Mukesh Kapoor
    Mukesh Kapoor

    2 years ago

    i use these step but can not upload my pics on facebook. error show that pic is not supported. Is there any need to change pic properties. like convert into png. or jpg image.