Valentine's Day Confetti Popper




A few Valentine's Days ago I wanted to send cards to friends I hadn't seen for a while. Since all the cards were boring I made these party popper Valentine's which I affectionately named - Heart Attacks. All the parts are cheap and easy to customize, so you can make them into fun invitations, fill them with confetti in your school colors for an event, or in your wedding colors for guests to pop as you leave.

Step 1: Gather All Your Supplies

What you'll need:

Spring loaded party poppers - They come in packs of 12 at online party stores



Card stock paper for the tops

Paper labels (make on your computer or use paper cut to size)


Step 2: Pop the Poppers

This is the fun part! For easy clean up, pop them into a bag and discard the wrappers as well

Step 3: Lock Pieces Back Into Place

Lock back into place by removing the outer casing and the pieces fit together easily by pushing down and twisting the lock.

Step 4: Add Your Greeting

Tape your special message to the top of the inner piece (otherwise it will shoot out and get lost in the confetti). Place the outer shell back on.

Step 5: Fill Up Popper

I used a multi-heart paper punch for this, but for winter holidays stars or snowflakes would work as well.

Step 6: Add Top

Using one of the discarded lids, trace it out on heavyweight or card stock paper. Secure with small pieces of tape on either side.

Step 7: Optional Testing Step

If you want to test your popper to make sure the top comes off, now is the time.

Step 8: Attach Your Own Label

You can make these on the computer for a clean uniform look. For mine, I wanted them to have a love letter feel to them. For each one I put a quote about love or friendship depending on who it was for.

Step 9: And There You Have It

An unconventional way to say Happy Valentine's Day!



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