Vegetable Pizza Cake




Introduction: Vegetable Pizza Cake

This is a Cake shaped Pizza with vegetables and Pita bread
Bake and Enjoy !!!

Step 1: Ingeredients

You will need these:
PITA bread
tomato paste
paprika powder
onion , chopped
mushrooms , chopped
red,yelllow,orange and green paprikas , chopped
basil leaves
mint leaves
tomato and onion , sliced for decoration

Preparing time : 60 min
Cooking time : 15_30 min
WASHING DISHES !!! : 15 min ;)

Step 2: Cooking Vegetables

heat the onions with a little salt and butter
heat the mushrooms with a little butter and fresh lemon joice
heat the paprikas with a little butter

Step 3: Prepare Souce

add chopped garlic , chopped rosemary , pepper , paprka powder and melted butter in tomato paste and mix

Step 4:

heat the two sides of the breads with a little butter
put one bread on the baking surface
add souce , cheese , onion , mushroom , paprika , chopped basil and mint leaves , cheese
again add bread , souce , cheese , ....
repeat for 3 times or any times you like.
for last layer add bread , souce , cheese
decorate with sliced tomato and onion , basil and mint and rosemary leaves
and at last a few cheese
put in a preheated owen up to 180 degrees
cook for 15 to 30 min. untill the cheese melt down

serve and enjoy !



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    5 Discussions

    Is the oven temperature given in celcius or fahrenheit? Celcius, I'm assuming?

    Thank you every one

    Hi, I'm russian, writing from Italy and I really LOVE pizza. Your idea is awesome!
    Last week I saw that recipe and to make my version I bought that

    Now I'm planning to use cooked pizza and fill every single gap with italian fresh mozzarella cheese. A TON of mozzarella cheese and veggies.

    Thank for sharing your suggestions, I really appreciate. Bye.