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About: I am an artist, I design and create many things. You can find some of my work in the magazine Martha Stewart Living and you can also find many of my tools and tutorials in several jewelry and craft magazines.

Viking knit has been around for several hundred years and is a wonderful way to make bracelets. Download the instructions that I have included as a PDF file, the instructions were written by my wife who happens to be a jewelry designer. The tools that she uses to make Viking knit bracelets were designs and made by me.

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    3 years ago on Introduction

    This is my first instructable. I realize that people are use to flipping from screen to screen to get tidbits of information. The instructions that I have included as a PDF are a start to finish instruction for Viking Knit. If people want to visit our shop to purchase the very same tools that are used in the instructions then that is up to them. That is why I provided the link. I did delete the link, however it is included in the instructions.

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    ️Roy Glen Gilliam

    3 years ago

    Like the design- It's a disappointment that you don't show how to make it. I know that is how you make your living, but this is a instruction website; not a sell your stuff website.

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