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Introduction: Welsh Fruit Cake: Ro-Style!

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 Hi there!

 I would like to show you all my Welsh Fruit Cake , and, why not, I would like to show you how to cook it.  My dad loves it, and I love it as well. It's tasty, stylish, and, when cooked right, you can keep it in a dark closet or a filthy corner for up to ONE MONTH.
 There's nothing much I can say about it, all I can do is to wish you luck, keep my fingers crossed an get back to the kitchen!
Let's get started!

Step 1: Gathering!

You will have to gather some ingredients first:
* 600gr self-rising flour,
* 150gr white sugar,
* 150gr black sugar,
* 1 tea spoon baking powder,
* 1 tea spoon bicarbonate.
* 1/2 l. of water,
* 100gr walnuts (chopped or not),
* 150gr raisins,
* 150gr candied peeles,
* 200gr butter,
* Clove,
* 3 tablespoons of honey.

Step 2: Mixing!

Start by mixing in a bowl:
*The flour,
*The sugar (both kinds),
*The baking powder,
*the bicarbonate.

In another pot, boil:
*The water,
*The walnuts,
*The raisins,
*The candied peeles,
*The butter,
*The clove,
*The honey.
Let it boil for two minutes, then take it out of the fire.

Step 3: Combining!

 Add some brandy to the just-boiled preparation you had.
 Mix this with the dry ingredients until you obtain a more-or-less homogeneous mixture.

And now starts the fun part!! Buahahahaha!

Step 4: Baking!

 Now this is the interesting part.
 First you'll have to choose a mold. The best for this job are savarin ring molds, but any mold will do.

 NOTE: if you want to make Welsh Cupcakes, you might have to cook less time, and they won't last as much time as big cakes.

Butter the mold you've chosen and take it to moderate oven. It will take around 30-45 minutes, but it might be ready before or after that time. You'll know by sticking a knife in the center, if it is clean when you take it out, it means your cake is ready.

Let it cool down, then wrap it in parchment paper. Avoid plastic bags, cling film and other sinthetic wrappings, in order to let the humidity out. However, do wrap them, otherwise it will dry too quickly.

Step 5: Eating!

And that's it! After at least one month, you will have a beautiful, tasty pastry, perfect for 4-o-clock tea or as a detail in your breakfast!
I hope you like it, because I certainly do.

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    5 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Was this introduced to Argentina by Welsh-miners?



    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    My father told me it was brough by the first welsh people who settled in Chubut, since it has no eggs or milk it can be kept for a long time, so they could bring it in their ships. I'm afraid that's pretty much all I can tell you by now, an old lady I know tought me to cook this cake, but I never asked her about the origins... I'm sure you will find more information on the web, I wish there was more I could say.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I'm glad you like it! In fact yes, it makes a wonderful gift, at least, my father, brother and grandmother thought so. ;-)