What to Put in a Fishing Bag




Introduction: What to Put in a Fishing Bag

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This is a short tour of my fishing bag..I will show you everything in the bag and where I like to keep it

Step 1: Outside Pocket

Here I keep my line,leatherman and a light pair of gloves there is also a key clip where I put car keys while I am fishing.

Step 2: Outside Big Mesh Pocket

This is where I keep my rain jacket in case it rains while I am out on my kayak.

Step 3: Small Outside Mesh Pocket

I keep my bug spray,sunscreen and band aids in this pocket

Step 4: Side Pockets

Here I keep my watertight stowaway. Inside of that is usually my wallets and phone

Step 5: Main Pocket for Stowaways

This is my place for my 3 stowaways,the bag can hold 4 of them but now I have no need for 4 stowaways. Inside if them are my soft plastics,frogs and my hard baits

Step 6: Clear Zipper Pouch

I usually do not use this pocket but it could be used for extra soft plastics and spinnerbaits.

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Same bag and the top part I put a map in it of the river I'm on


    6 years ago on Introduction

    same bag i have.I use all four stow aways mainly because i fish mainly for trout great guide though.