Turn Your Wired Doorbell Into a Smart Doorbell With IFTTT

About: Firefly Electronix designs and manufactures open source home automation, smart home, and IoT products.

The WiFi Doorbell turns your existing wired doorbell into a smart doorbell. https://www.fireflyelectronix.com/product/wifidoor...

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Step 1: Install the WiFi Doorbell

Step 2: Create New Applet on IFTTT With Webhooks

Step 3: Edit the Trigger Fields. Event Name 'doorbell'

Step 4: Choose the Notifications Action Service

Step 5: Add Additional Details to the Notification

Step 6: Press and Hold the Button on WiFi Doorbell

Step 7: Configure WiFi Doorbell

Connect to the wifi access point 'Firefly-xxxxxxx' from your phone or computer. Navigate to from your browser.

Step 8: Enter Settings on WiFi Doorbell

Enter your home network wifi settings. Copy and paste your IFTTT key into the ifttt key field.

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