Wood Mirror Frames

Introduction: Wood Mirror Frames

My wife found a cool idea for some mirror frames on a blog called shanty-2-chic.com

I have to admit that blog is pretty cool, lots of great DIY projects.

We happened to have 2 plain mirrors that would look way nicer with just a little bit of work so i was off to my favorite place, home depot!

Step 1: Buy Materials


(3) 2-1/4" x 3/4" x 8' long - pine ($7.50 ea)

Wood glue

Liquid nails (paneling)

Wood stain, filler and polyurethane

Step 2: Plan, Measure and Cut

I measured both of my mirrors and decided i wanted at least 1/2" of the mirror overlapping the wood along the perimeter.

I set up the miter saw and started cutting.

Step 3: Assembly

I used the glue, a heavy duty staple gun and a square to put the frames together.

I then stacked some heavy items near the corners to make up for my lack of clamps.

After the glue dries then its time to fill any gaps at the corners with wood filler.

A little bit of sanding and its time for some stain

Step 4: Finish

I applied a coat of dark walnut stain, let it sit for 10 minutes and wiped it off.

Set the frame over the mirror and it looked nice but it looked a little bit boring.

I decided to try my luck with distressing, have been wanting to try it for a long time.

Distressing is very simple. I grabbed a hammer, a knife, a spike, some bolts and screws and went to work.

I then reapplied the stain making sure to cover all the dents and holes i put on the wood

I think it has a lot more character now.


I applied one coat of poly in the morning. Let that dry for 2 hours. Did a light sand with 400 grit. Repeated this step for a second coat.

Step 5: Mounting the Mirror

Last step is glueing the mirror to the back side of the wood.

For this i used liquid nails being careful not to use too much and keeping it away from the inside edge so it would not bleed into view.

Hammered a few small nails along the bottom side just in case. I only hammered them in until they were as close to the mirror as possible without actually touching it, didnt want to risk chipping the edge

I then found some mounting hooks and bicycle brake cable and figured out a way to make a hanging wire.

That about does it, came out pretty nice!

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