Wooden 6 Wheel Combination Lock Box




Introduction: Wooden 6 Wheel Combination Lock Box

a wooden box with a 6 wheel combination lock

Step 1: You Will Need

I used approx. 6' Sq 1/2"plywood, 2'- 1x2, and assorted dowel

Step 2: Making the Rings

I started by cutting 6 squares 10 1/2" square finding Centre and drilling a 5/64" hole. I make a simple circle jig for my band saw drilled a1/16" hole and pushed a cut finishing nail thru 5" from the blade and cut 6 rings with an outside diameter of 10 1/4" and an inside diameter of 9 1/2". I glued them back into rings then staggered the cut-ins, clamped them together and sanded them so they were all the same.

Step 3: Top and Bottom

I ripped a 1x6 in half and cut 8 pieces 2 3/4" × 9 1/2" long and cut the ends at 45°. I cut 16 2" long dowels drilled the corners and dry fit everything together. Then place a ring on the box and trace the outer diameter. Using my band saw and drill press with plunge router bit and drum sander I cut and shaped the diameter 3/4" deep so the ring would turn smoothly in the cut. Number the corners so it is easier to put them back together again

Step 4: Making the Sides and Wedges

I clamped the rings together and used my recip saw to cut the slot for the lock. This would have been easier and cleaner if I had cut it when I first made the rings before I glued the cut-ins together. I cut the side pieces 3" long, 2" high and cut the corners at 45°. I also cut the back off the sides so they don't interfere with the rings and glued them to the bottom only. I wanted the rings as close together as possible so with my bandsaw and belt sander I made wedges about 1 × 1 1/2 × 1/16" thick. I used my multi tool to cut slots in the sides for the wedges, glued them in and set the rings in.

Step 5: Base and Lock

I glued and screwed the bottom on. I cut 2 pieces of 1x4 with a 45° end and about 2 1/2 " long. The lock bar is 8" of 1" dowel with a groove routed in the side so a 4" long 5/8" dowel could be glued in. I put the lock bar and the bottom piece in place keeping the bar just touching the rings. making sure it turns well then drilled a 1" hole in the bottom block for the bar then repeated for the top block . I put a 1/4" pin 2" long in the top piece to stop the lid when it was closed. After some trimming to make the lock tighter I glued and screwed the blocks to the base and the side. Then just measure across for the 1" hole in the lid then glue and place it on the lock bar

Step 6: Finishing

I painted his name on the rings turning the rings 1/4 turn (each one in the opposite direction) for each letter then stained with golden pecan and 2 coats of polyurethane. If you like my instructable please vote for it



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    7 Discussions

    Looks good.

    To clarify for others: the lid rotates about a hinge pin rather than coming off entirely. With the rings out of position, the dowel on the hinge pin has no space to rotate into, but once the combo is correct it can, so the box opens.

    2 replies

    i am giving you a 3 month pro membership for clearing that up for other viewers

    Thanks and your description is perfect. I didn't think to explain that part of it


    2 years ago

    This is good weekend project. But I think we could use a little more detail.

    Thanks. Great design.

    3 replies

    Thank you. What else would you like to know?

    A detailed step by step instructable on how to build and customize our own please, and thank you!!

    Lol. I am a better maker than author. The 'ibles I put on here are the first things I have made in 25 years other than a plywood cupboard. I try to explain what I did as I learned how to make something and I always welcome ideas or better ways to do things