Workshop Table

Introduction: Workshop Table

This table is a very simple project that requires nothing but a few scrape pallets and your choice of stain or sealer. There is very little measuring or cutting required and in fact even the nails from the pallet were reused.

The first picture shows the basic bones, i used 2X4's doubled up on the legs for a solid frame.

the 1X4's were then added to make the upper and lower surface

After sanding I added stain and a few coats of poly for durability.

this table cost me nothing except the value of the staing and poly used, and has been a major help in the workshop for a long time. I hope you all have fun with this poroject.

Step 1:



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    I LOVE how it turned out! If you would break up the 'ible into different steps and add pics of the process (along with detailed instructions), it would get your 'ible potentially featured by editors which equals more views and thus render greater usability. If you need any help or tips for great 'ible writing, feel free to Private Message me. Blessings! :)

    Great looking table. I made my son a workbench out of pallets as well and he loves it.

    This looks like a great workshop table. Simple, solid . . well done! :)