Wrap Around Workbench

Introduction: Wrap Around Workbench

This shows the process I took to transform my normal square workbench into a new wrap around workbench that is much more usable.



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    It was really organized for a few weeks. Right now there is about a foot of junk covering it.

    "Right now there is about a foot of junk covering it" So true(: but junks are a passion for ppl like us nu(: i feel very COMFORT and COOL when i am with my junks:D To be honest, in my workroom there is not even a tiny space to put my feet on the ground nu:D Yep... no kidding, i mean it...


    1 year ago

    A workbench is my dream, i don't know will i have one in my lifetime(: because i don't get much time nu. Just a thought, adding some drawers will be nice yes(: anyways thanks for the share.


    1 year ago

    I'd be feeling like a bond villain if I worked at a desk like this one! Cool idea though, good job

    Could have written more details. But its an interesting frame construction.