Wrap Style Friendship Bands

I made these friendship bands a while ago using black wool, embroidery thread and some old shampoo containers made of thin, flexible plastic. First I cut the shampoo container into thin strips about 1cm wide by15cm long. I then used small nail to punch holes in the ends of the plastic strips. Next I wrapped each strip with black wool, making sure that the plastic was completely covered by the wool wraps. And finally, I went a little crazy wrapping the embroidery thread over the wool. To finish each band off I  used a needle to thread the ends of the wool and embroidery thread throught the holes in the plastic and knotted them securely before plaiting the ends so the bands could be tied on.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi. When you said you started using black wool, you just mean really thin black wool yarn right?

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    Yep, its yarn, not the wool straight off a black sheep, and to be completely accurate its not even real wool but acrylic :)
    I think I used 3ply,like these

    Thanks for the positive comments :)

    I think a water bottle or any other flexible plastic could work. The water bottles that I see around usually have ridges etc and the plastic is not completely smooth. This might make it harder to cut into strips. The shampoo bottle also absorbed the scent of the shampoo so all my friendship bands have lovely light scent :)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    These look incredibly friendly. Wrap style friendship bands are the new friendship bracelets this season.

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    :) I started off making those knotted friendship bands and eventually developed this method. I have to say I prefer this way as its easier, faster and you can come up with all kinds of funky patterns.