X-2812B Test

Introduction: X-2812B Test

X-2812b has 4 ws2812b RGB LEDs. You can have a look at this video first.


Step 1: X-project Member

Step 2: Test Code



Code example


There is a dial switch which you can adjust D3~D10 to control ws2812.

Do not forget dial number 1 to the right side.



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    2 Discussions

    I switched on the D3 and used the code example above on a D-Duino-32 (with, obviously, an X2812B on top) but the four pixels still remain white.

    Where I'm wrong?

    1 reply

    Use the GPIO number (I think it's 0 zero) - I had a similar issue. There is some timing issue with the display and the neo-pixels when using the D-Duino32. That issue doesn't seem to be there with the D-Duino ESP8266. Here is my instructable if you are interested.