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Introduction: YAW (Yet Another Wallet)

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This one is all fabric, stitched together in a way that encourages it to stay closed. I had a Keyboard Wallet for a while but it's so smooth it kept falling out of my pocket and I had a couple close calls with losing it permanently. This one is made from a somewhat rough fabric that is almost hard to pull out, but I no longer fear it will jump out by itself!

The trick to it is that the three layers are progressively longer (from innermost layer to outermost), but the ends are sewn together as if they matched. The extra material is eased into the binding at two small points, at one and two thirds respectively, making those particular areas highly desirous of folding. So far (a couple months) it works great.



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    Beautiful! I would LOVE a full instructable for this project. i have very little sewing skill/knowledge, so an explanation of how to ease the extra material in would be helpful. Also, is any type of fabric suitable? I'd like to make one out of an old long-sleeved button-up men's shirt. Thanks!

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    Suitable fabric needs to be fairly stiff, or the wallet will be floppy and it will be hard to get money in and out, plus it would crumple up in your pocket or purse. I would think a men's shirt might be too thin & soft, but I haven't seen your shirt. You might be fine if you fused some medium weight iron-on interfacing to the shirt fabric before making the wallet. Regarding the ease, just pin the layers together leaving all the lumpiness in two a quarter-inch (or so) sections at the fold points. It won't matter much if you have some of the longer sections folded over a little instead of eased, just try to keep it all in the bend area. I may or may not get around to making a detailed instructable on this but if you make one please post a picture! I'd love to see it.

    Thank you! The pattern is pretty trivial, it's just 3 rectangles with these dimensions (inches): 7-3/4 x 3 7-7/8 x 3-3/4 8 x 4 If you make one, post a photo!

    That's great thanks. I'm a Textile Technolgy teacher in the UK(12-16 years), I'm working on a new project for next year and experimenting a bit with kids who finish projects early this year! This is something I think they'll love, they can print/sew their own fabric first!! Thanks again, maybe I can post class photos!! :-)

    Hey, that's a great idea, printing or such on the fabric first. Let me know if you have trouble with the construction process. The only thing not completely straightforward is the ease at the fold lines. I can make another and post a full Instructable with detailed steps if it would be helpful for you.