You Will Not Believe What This Lamp Is Made Of!!!




Introduction: You Will Not Believe What This Lamp Is Made Of!!!

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So, I just moved into a new house and, as you can imagine, there´s not even decent lamps on the ceiling. I had to solve the problem.

I did not like any of the lamps I saw on the stores but I did get a very good idea from one of them and decided to give it a try so I bought……

A plate…… yes, the kind of plate you use at your dinner table.

Drawer knobs….. Yes, drawer knobs, you can find a great variety of them at the Home Depot, Ikea or (PLACE YOUR AD HERE)…

I had laying around a piece of thin plywood and some wood finishing products, as well as a few tools many instructables fans have in their respective workshops such as:

Saw, screwdriver, brushes, drill and drill bits, sand paper (fine grit), electrician pliers, some experience and care using power tools, a lot of caution when messing around with wires and electricity, etc.

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Step 1: Preparing the Plywood

Sand lightly (500 grit sand paper), apply pre-stain and stain following the manufacturer’s instructions. (I will not go into detail here because there are many great instructables explaining wood finishing techniques)

Step 2: Nuts and Bolts... Maybe Drill Bits and Screws?

To hold the lamp on the ceiling we will use the same screws that hold the lid of the electric box and to do that we need to center the plywood with the electric box, let us use the lid as a guide as you can see in the pictures.

Careful where you drill the holes because that will be the position that the plywood will have when you put it on your ceiling!

Step 3: Now, FINALLY the Plate and the Drawer Knobs.

You may have already noticed that the plate is transparent in the materials picture, but in the final product it looks white….. WHY? Simple math….

It is called frosted glass and there is many ways to create this effect and many web pages explaining how to do it. You can find products to create frosted glass effect in handcrafts stores, Michael´s comes to my mind.

I decided to do it the chemical way because it is permanent and not affected by the heat generated by the light bulb.

DO NOT LET CHILDREN OR or ADULTS that behave as children handle this kind of chemicals! and follow all manufacture´s instructions.

Step 4: Putting It All Together... Including the Drawer Knobs

Put your frosted plate on top of the plywood (think upside down and imagine how it will look on the ceiling). Once you have decided the plate´s position take the drawer knobs and use a pencil to mark their positions, one on each side to securely hold the plate.

Drill the holes to insert the knobs´ screws and install three of them and just the screw of the fourth.

Step 5: Lets Put in on the Ceiling and Admire Your 3 Hour Work (may Be Less)

Place the electric box lid over the plywood and install the plywood with three of the drawer knobs and one knob screw in place. Screw the plywood firmly to the electric box.

Slide the plate into position after connecting the light bulb and screw the last drawer knob in place to hold the plate in position.

Sit back, grab a cold one and admire your work!

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    You are right, Wha I did was use a much smaller bulb that fit but at the end it did not give out enoguh light for the room so I ended up changing the whole thing. I left the instructable here because someone might like the idea, and with the new small led bulbs this might work...


    6 years ago on Step 3

    I also know that you can get the frosted glass effect if you spray a matte finish on the glass. Basically, it's a clear coat spray paint at Wal-mart for about $2.


    8 years ago on Step 5

    I really like this but I am wondering about the how the bulb is placed as well, it doesn't look as if there is enough space. Can you show how this is done?


    8 years ago on Step 5

    Nice finish!. Pardon my ignorance but where / how to install the light bulb/CFL?
    The space seems awfully small to hold any bulb.
    Can you include a picture with the bulb lit?