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Introduction: You'll Poke Your Eye Out Treats

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Well I wanted to do a play on "you'll shoot your eye out" and came up with this.  I thought it would be a interesting treat that taste good. Pretzels and chocolate... Oh yum yum!

The great thing about these is that if you don't want to make large ones, you can always make mini sized ones.

Almond Bark
Marshmallows - Large
Food Coloring (I used liquid type)
large rod Pretzels

Microwaveable Bowls
Wax Paper

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Step 1: Creating Part of the Eyeball

First make a hole in the side of the marshmallow by twisting a pretzel into it.  This way you will have an easier time sticking your sword in it later on. 

Dip your fork or spoon into the red food coloring and run it down the marshmallow. This will give the red blood vessel look to the "eye."

Step 2: Dip the Pretzels

Get your almond bark ready by melting it in the microwave. Heat the almond bark in intervals so that you do not burn it. Also, pull out a piece of wax paper to put your pretzels on for drying. Once your almond bark is ready, dip the pretzels in it.  Because of the small amount that I melted, I found it easier to cover the pretzels by using my finger to spread the almond bark on the pretzel. Place the pretzel on the wax paper and let it dry.  Dip your pretzels one more time if they look bare. Place it on wax paper and let it dry again. 

Step 3: Make the Sword Handles

To make the sword handles, break apart pretzels into smaller pieces. It may be easier to break a piece of the pretzel off and shave it down. Then attach the smaller pretzels to the sword by using the almond bark as glue. Also, cover the handles with almond bark and let it dry.

To get the brown handle, take a block or two of your almond bark and melt it (you may have some left though). Then add in equal amounts  of red, blue, and yellow food color till you are happy with the color.  Because I used liquid food color the almond bark turned to a gritty texture. Then apply your colored almond bark to the sword for the handle

Now your sword is done!

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Place the Sword in the fake eyeball where you made the hole earlier.  Then add red food coloring to the sword where it sticks in the marshmallow. 

To make the iris and pupil, take an m&m and place a little bit of chocolate on it .  Then dip the chocolate on the m&m in the food coloring.  Attach the iris to the marshmallow using the almond bark as glue. 

Enjoy and Be Careful :)

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