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Introduction: Zippered Bag

This easy little lined, zippered pouch is suitable for the novice sewer. Make the bag with cotton for a travel or cosmetic bag; use denim or vinyl and a jeans zipper to make a more masculine version, or use velvet or lace to make a quick evening bag. Click here to view the video version of this tutorial.

Step 1: Materials & Prep

Cut 4 pieces of fabric (2 outer, and 2 lining) – width of the fabric should be equal to the length of the full zipper, length the pouch fabric
should be about 2/3 the width (example using a 9” zipper, cut your fabric 9” X 6”). If you’re purchasing fabric for this project, fat quarters
from the quilters section of your fabric store will work well, and provide enough fabric for 2 bags.

Step 2: Bag Construction - Step 1

Lay 1 lining piece right side up.

Lay the zipper, right side up on top of the lining.
Lay a piece of the outer fabric on top of the zipper (fabrics pieces
should be “right sides together”).

Stitch the 2 pieces of fabric & the zipper together (at the top edge).

Step 3: Bag Construction - Step 2

Turn the stitched pieces to expose the zipper.

The two pieces of fabric will now have the wrong sides of the fabric facing one another.

Repeat step one with the remaining pieces of fabric.

Step 4: Bag Construction - Step 4

Fabric should now be arranged wrong sides facing one another, and the zipper is exposed. Open the zipper at least half-way.

Turn the fabric so that the right sides are facing one another with the 2 pieces of lining on one side, and the 2 pieces of outer fabric on another. The zipper tape, and seam fabric should be on(towards) the lining side.

Stitch along the edges, using a 5/8” seam allowance, leaving an opening to turn everything right side out.

Step 5:

After you’ve turned your pouch right side out, turn the edges of the opening in, and stitch along the edge to close it up.

Push the lining into the pouch.

Step 6: Full Instructions

Full instructions:

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    The blue bag was made from a couple of fat quarters of quilters cotton that I purchased at Joann fabrics a few years ago.