Zombie Makeup 2012

Introduction: Zombie Makeup 2012

This zombie was done in roughly 1 hour of time before the local zombie walk. The only modification to the photos is my eyes in the first one taken at night. My prescription is too strong to find contacts to create that eye effect in real life. Now down to the dirty bits...

Ingredients for a gross face: 
Gel Blood
Soft Wax
Liquid Latex
Red, Black, Green, Yellow, Brown, White face paint (cream is my preference) Flesh tone paint optional depending on your skin tone to help blend in the latex.
Makeup Sponges

1. Have a good idea of what you are trying to aim for and where you want your wounds. It is hard to start a new wound once you are already half way through the zombie process.
2. For the mouth area I took the wax and rolled them into strips and places them over my nose and around my mouth. Then press the wax into the skin and smooth out the edges to make them flush with your own face. Once you have some solid edges you can begin to shape and create peaks or tears along the protruding side of the wax.
3. Liquid latex. I put a layer of latex over the wax to help keep it in place and keep it from mis-shaping when I add blood and paint. Also this is when you would add thin layers of latex to other parts where you might want tears or holes or blisters. To create a blister or hole let the latex begin to dry. Before it is completely dry pinch it with your fingers and pull up. For a blister you don't want it to tear you just want that bubble formed so you can inject blood underneath later. For holes or tears proceed to tear it and fold back the latex to create a raised edge. Keep doing this until you feel you have a pronounced enough edge or wound. Latex can also be used to create wrinkles by pressing the skin in directions as it dries causing it to stick to itself.
4. Base paint. for any spots where the wax, latex, or other things you may have used that do not match your skin tone, this is when you would use the flesh colored paint to make sure they blend evenly. After this if you want a pale zombie do a thin layer of white to lighten up the skin tone. Also use this time to enhance your bone structure. Gently take a color of choice, I prefer red / black for that bruised look, and rub lightly underneath your cheek bones / collar bone to make them seem more pronounced. You can also use this time to color around your eyes to make them seem more deep set and bruised. For the eyes do not stick to just black. In my opinion it looks better to use red or brown because it gives that irritated puffy look. 
5. Detail paint. This is when you get to create bruises. using the makeup sponges dab on a color of red / yellow / brown and gently work them into areas that are bruised. Keep in mind that bruises are not an even color and vary from the spot that they are hit so you want it to fade out on the edges. Using the q-tips you can begin to work some red paint into the rips in your latex, add some black to make it look darker, or yellow and green to give the infected look. I generally put black on the inside of rips or wounds to give them more depth and make the blood appear darker once it is applied. 
6. Blood. Start with the gel blood. Add gel blood to the places that you want to drip or look flesh since it does solidify and doesn't come off as easily. This is really good for face wounds or added underneath those blisters because it is easier to manage. Now use the other big bottle of generic fake blood to cover your clothes, hair, hands, etc for the extra nasty effect of having just been a messy eater.

If you add latex to any place on your body make sure that you are clean shaven. It hurts! Girls you might think that your arms do not have hair, just wait until you do an arm wound without shaving that particular spot. You will learn quickly! 

Fake blood does stain, do not use around clothes you want to keep!

Do not bite the public, it is frowned upon...

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Wild. We went to Comic Con in NYC last weekend and didn't see anything that good. Even at the Walking Dead booth.

    Wow this is super amazing, you really did a fantastic job. It looks so real!