A Decorative Light for 10$ With CNC Laser



About: I'm mohammad a civil engineer from IRAN, I know english a little, i love work with cnc laser and made my own plan for fun.

i love to decorate my home with my own plan that i got designed for fun !

Step 1: DWG File of My Cut Plan That I Used With Laser Cut Machinery

in my plan i got an economic design with 5 complete plan to less waste of mdf sheet.

Step 2:

Step 3: Merge the Parts Together With Super Glue

Step 4: Completed Shapes

Step 5: I Use One of the Shapes in the My Study Room

Step 6: And One of Them Used in My Daughter Room

Step 7: Use Yellow Transparent Talc to Change Top Shine of Light

i think that with use a yellow transparent talc in top side of the shape then i have a nice yellow soft light on the ceiling and i got it !



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