A Simple But Usefull and Ecological Door Closer From a Pc Hard Disk




here is a simple way to make a door closer made from a damaged hard disk sorry 4 the mess in the video

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Step 1:

the video explins all the idea,by means of the wheight of a single damaged hard disk from a pc (originally i thought that i ned 2 ,but i see that its too heavy)and a fishing line, the door closes comlpletlywhen you pass it...i hope to finish this instructable later but i like to share the idea. in this photo i show the metod i use to attach the hard drive to the cord,a single thick wire

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    Cool door closer design. If I could make one suggestion, you could embed the video in the page using the "Embed Video" tool in the step editor. That way people can view the video on the page without having to download it.

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    thanks i have hurry thats why i just trow it like that, let me have some time to make that correction