Duct Tape Bow Tie




Sorry, this is my first how to... tell me what you think! So today we are going to make a duct tape bow tie!

For this project you will need:
Duct tape in your choice of color (I just used gray)
Sissors or knife
cutting bord

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Step 1: Make Duct Tape Fabric

So first of all you need to make a sheet of duct tape fabric.( if you dont know how to make that try another how to sorry) i just used 2 piceces  didnt mesure

Step 2: Trim Fabric

after you made the fabric trim it so you have clean cut edges.

Step 3: Fold

now fold your the fabric kind of like an accordion.

Step 4: Tape

last tape your bow tie in the middle, it dosent have to be perfict!

Step 5: How to Were

if you want to were your new creation make a strap! take a piece of duct tape and fold it in half.(i use shorter pieces and add on i think it just easer that way)

Step 6: Cut in In Half

cut that strip in half.

Step 7: Atach

atach the strap to the tie and the other half to that strap

Step 8: All Done!

now use this tie for what ever u want!

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    5 years ago

    I wear a duct tape bow tie now...duct tape bow ties are cool!