Harry Potter Wand in 10 Mins

a simple way to mamke a totally real looking hp wand

Step 1: The Stick

get a stick or dowel or chopstick of any sizefrom 8 to 13 inches

Step 2: Varnish

apply varnish on your wand to give it a shiny look

Step 3: Glue Gun (optional)

take a glue gun and use it io make different designs on the wood
sorry I didnt do the step so thers no image

Step 4: Paint

use paint to give it an ancient look
I used sliver od black and golden and lightly sanded them for a worn out look

Step 5: Handle

the handle is where you hold the wand
take a woolen string and wind it around the handle as shown in the pic
tie a knot so the string stays
your wand is ready!!

Step 6: Thank You

Thanks a lot for watching my instructable I hope it helped

p.s this is my first instructable so I'd like suggestions



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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Tip: try hot glue instead of string and THEN paint it!


    4 years ago

    of course
    ill try makin a quill and if its successful, i ll post it on instructables


    4 years ago

    good one for us hp fans , thanks mann . . . Idk but what about an instructable to make a quil. that feathery writing thingy that actually works

    1 reply