How to Make a Secret Outlet Compartment

Introduction: How to Make a Secret Outlet Compartment

Do you ever wish you had a small secret hiding spot where you can hide all sorts of stuff like maybe your secret anti nija poison ( good luck with that), or maybe your silver bulletts you've been keeping especially for a whare-wolf attack, or maybe you just want to hide your money (how boring). Anyhow the point is now you can, and you dont even have to go buy a product on some great website known as thinkgeek. You just have to follow these intructions and maybe spend a few bucks at your hardware store if you dont have the pieces laying around but other than that this takes hardly any time at all ( meaning a few hours). So bottom line is that this intructible will show you how to make a secret outlet safe for very cheap.

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Step 1: Parts You Need

All you need

1 outlet box
1 outlet
1 outlet cover

now for tools

1dremel with a cutting wheel
1 screw driver
1 razor

Step 2: Cuting

So now take the outlet box and cut of the the top part as wide as you can with out damaging the front. This is where I used the dremel but if you do not have a dremel you could probably use the razor knife. so after you are done cleaning it up a little on the edges it should look like the last picture above.

Step 3: Finishing Kinda

Now hook up the outlet to the box and then screw cover to the outlet. It should now be ready to go into the wall.

Step 4: The Last Step

So now all you have to do is to find a nice spot in a wall were there are no studs behind the sheet rock. Now as long as its sheet rock you should just be able to use the razor but I installed this in my garage and it has a press wood wall so I had to use some other tool like a saw. But either way start out by tracing the outlet box on the wall and then carefully cut it. Now you should be able to clean up the edges a bit and then put the outlet box into the wall and whallaa its done now you have your own wickedly awesome oultet safe. Now if you want to make it even more secret all you have to do is to put in the wall behind a small piece of funiture, like a desk, couch or maybe a tardis, you know just incase for some reason someone decides to pull out the oulet looking for your secret stash of fiary dust (he must be desperate). Thanks for reading please leave a comment and like, well that is if you liked it.

I would like to give credit to where it is needed mainly becauase I saw a product like this for sale but I really didn't want to buy and plus I thought it would be great for a diy instructible

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