How to Make an Instructable of a Sun Set and Grass

Introduction: How to Make an Instructable of a Sun Set and Grass

In  my first Instructables I am going to show you  how to draw a sun  setting  and then I will also show you how to draw and make grass.

 I  decided to do a instructable on how to draw a sun setting because I made an animation on aliens and i wanted to do my instuctables related to my animation  , I also wanted to do my  instructables  on something I drew  in my animation

Step 1:

In the first step you will gather all your supplies you will need a white board you will also need  a camera to  take a bunch of photos or video . You will also have to gather the markers you will need to use  you will gather green  for the grass  and purple and black for the sun you will need to  grab  plastic grass from the dollar store   for the grass

Step 2:

  1. In the second step you will finally start to draw the sun  with a circle. 
  2. After you draw the circle you will start  to draw lines on it to make the sun rays. 
  3. Then when you are done drawing the sun rays all over the sun you will start to draw the eyes and make glasses

Step 3:

 In  step 3 I will show you  how to draw the sun  setting you will start with lowering it each time you draw the sun when you get lower towards the  ground  you will draw a half  circle  and start with drawling the rays you will start with a long one then you will do a short  ray  and repeat  the rays in till the sun is covered   then start do draw the eyes and when your done both eyes  then start to draw the sun glasses once your done all that  you have your half sun

Step 4:

 In my 4 and finale  step of my instructable I will show  you how I made the grass for my animation  you grab 2 pieces of  plastic grass from the dollar store you will also need to grab a piece of  foam and make it look like grass  and put them against   the white broad  you will need 2 pieces of the grass and have a gap in between them and in the gap you will start to draw the  grass with  the markers  if your 2 pieces  of the grass are not the same size   the you will draw grass over the one  that is not the same size as the other one to make it even  so that the grass is the same length .

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