Instructables Robot Costume

Introduction: Instructables Robot Costume

This year I wanted to go as the instructables robot for halloween. all of my other projects kept me busy right up to the day of the party but then I thought OK lets get this costume done.

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Step 1: Build the Frame

the frame is built out of irrigation tube they were trowing out at work. To limit the amount of connectors I figured I could cut slots in the upright  tubes and slide them on to the top and bottom rings so I only needed to splices. I made the sides 40" tall so that 44" fabric would cover it. I measured my bottom tube to be 106". 

Step 2: Covering the Frame

I got 4 yards of yellow fabric @ $2.97 so total cost was $11something.
While I can sew I decided to hot glue this project.
With the frame upside down starting at an upright tube I folded the fabric over and glued it down to the bottom frame tube.
I then glued it to the top tube and tucked it in to darts on each upright tube.

for the arm holes I cut slits in the fabric and folded and glued hems to keep it from unraveling. at the top and bottom of arm holes I glued scraps to strengthen and stop the fabric from continuing to tear.

Step 3: The Mask

I love these buckets I use them to store sand, salt, oil dry and my coworkers cats keep me stocked up on them.
I measured 11'" from the bottom and marked it with sharpie then cut it with my jig saw. I painted it John Deere yellow.

For the Ears I used the lids from chrome spray paint that I painted red. the red spray paint lid was not cone shaped. I tried butter bowls but the red paint would not cover the printing.

I drilled holes in the  paint lids and put more tube thru them. I drilled holes for me to see thru and decorated the front with shrapies.

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