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Introduction: Magnetic Push Pins

Push pins are usually used to pin notes to a cork board. it's aesthetic and organized, but a magnetic board is (in my opinion) more so, and it's safer for kids etc.
I, personally, like a clean and uniform design. I don't like a refrigerator full of weird magnets, but sometimes you gotta hang something on there (e.g. shopping list, a note for a roommate etc.), so i thought " i wish i could use something like push pins instead of all those food delivery magnets" and then it came to me - why not use push pins?
In this instructable i will show you how to make magnetic push pins to use on a refrigerator, steel door or magnetic board.

I hope you enjoy this simple, short and fun one.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

1. push pins
2. neodymium magnets (a.k.a earth magnets) the same diameter as your push pins. (the same number as your push pins)
3. Epoxy glue
4. dremel with a diamond cutter or grinder bit
5. wire cutters

Step 2: Circumcision

we need a flat surface, for that we need to remove the metal pin.

i recommend using a wire cutter to make the initial cut as close to the base as possible and then grinding the rest with the dremel.
i tried cutting the metal pin with the dremel but the friction caused the metal to heat and melt the plastic around it (not a big deal but makes things harder)
i recommend using a bench vise to hold the pin in place while grinding.

Step 3: Glueing

mix the epoxy components, glue the magnets to the pins and let it dry completely.

the remainder of the metal pin still in the plastic will stick slightly to the magnet and help keep it aligned.
you need very little glue, don't put too much on there because it will just ooze down the sides.
use a metal surface so the magnet will not move, preferably a flat horizontal surface.
the polarity of the magnets does not matter.

enjoy :)



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    24 Discussions

    Looks really nice, Did anyone ask you why you were "sticking push-pins in you refrigerator"? ;)

    Great idea,But then you are Israeli so your always looking to find an easy way
    GOOD FOR YOU.(Ashkelon.)


    4 years ago

    Awesome! Can't wait to make some.

    Would it be easier to pull the needles out instead of cutting them?

    I don't have the link because the sale on Ebay ended but mine are 10mmX1.5mm and 10 of them cost me 1.7$
    you can choose the thickness according to how strong you want the magnets to be

    Blast it! Why didn't I think of this? I use those tiny super magnets all the time and have the hardest time plucking them off the refrigerator. Thanks for this!

    Many of us go through pairs of earbuds periodically -- I average about six to nine months per pair, using them almost daily. Don't just throw those dead earbuds away; get some tools and rip 'em open and save the magnet inside for projects like this.

    1 reply

    I have done this with Crazy Ass glue, which is pretty strong stuff, but after a while the magnets would pull loose when taking them off the refrigerator. Now my lazy man's approach is to put the magnet inside a twist-off beer bottle cap and put that,with the smooth side toward the fridge.

    1 reply

    that's why i use epoxy.
    bottle cap magnets sounds pretty cool, i smell a new instructable.. haha.

    great ideea, dollar stores will sell this next year making millions.

    Hey why didnt I think of this? I got a mess of these magnets already on my fridge and theyre hard to pick off. Great idea!

    Nice one. I just made these last week and then this shows up in my inbox. A couple tips for those of you planning to make these.
    1. Just get a lighter and heat the tip for a couple seconds, then use a pair of pliers to pull it out (or if you're daring, maybe a towel or tissues). Depending on how long you heat it, the plastic may pull out a bit - just tap it down on a hard surface.
    2. Buy magnets from eBay or Amazon. I bought 3/8" x 1/8" N42 and the diameter is perfect.
    3. Use a few drops of SuperGlue - just be careful to let it dry completely to avoid getting it on your fingers.

    2 replies

    i tried heating the tip and extracting the pin and it works but i found that leaving part of the pin inside the plastic makes it easier to glue because it magnetizes slightly.

    i bought mine from Ebay. they are really cheap.