Milky Chocosquarz



Introduction: Milky Chocosquarz

This my moms recipe we all love this recipes you must try this recipe its too yummy and chocolaty 

Milk – 5 litres
Sugar – 300 grams
Dry fruits – 10 grams
Dark chocolate – 250 grams

In a big utensil boil the milk on high flame and reduce the milk to ¼ (one forth).
Mix the sugar with the milk and stir the milk till sugar get dissolve. Add flavour I used vanilla essence to the milk and cardamom powder let it chilled
Remove little of this mixture in a bowl and keep it aside.
Now grease the tray with butter and little of this milk mixture.
Now melt the dark chocolate in pan.
Spread the melted chocolate uniformly in greased tray and add some dry fruits on let it set for some time. After setting of this mixture you can cut it in any shape that you desire.
Serve this chocosquarz with prepared milk mixture.

Serve this milky chocosquarz with prepared milk mixture (chilled) and decorate them it coloured mint balls and now you are ready to enjoy this yummy chocolaty
Dish with your family or friends at a party or simply at dinner as a desert

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