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Introduction: Mini String Lantern Necklace

Hello there! This is my first ever instructable. (pls. bear with me >_< ) *slightly nervous =i'm kinda bit of a shy type person. hehe.

The idea of this mini lantern necklace just pop out of my head! *poof! = an idea! yeeey!

because, i was also interested in making crafts (*stares at the small wires in the office).. i started doodling of what i can make out of these wires.. and then, here comes a big bright BULB over my head!! Why don't i wrap something in this wires to make it cute/awesome! LOL. And then, I just remembered that i have some strings in my house.. (colored jewelry wires are expensive here at our place).. I decided to make a skeleton of somewhat kind of a lantern and....... eureka! am gonna wrap this and try if the outcome will be okay,, xD

waaaah! am not gonna make this long,. let's start making! Hope you'll like this ^_^

Step 1: Things You'll Need:

Some materials can be optional. You can create and experiment on your own later on ^_^

  • Pliers
  • wire (use jewelry wire for best results) =about 10.5 ft
  • ruler
  • different colored strings or thread (i used anchor thread)
  • small screwdriver (guide for curving circle in wire and for the tassel) *you can use any as long as it has round shape)
  • ball chain (or any for your necklace)
  • scissors

For the Tassel:

  • jump rings
  • colorful strings or thread

*paper flower (optional. can be anything you can design on your pendant)

*Note: The mini paper flower is optional.. it's your choice to design your own :-)

Step 2: Making the Skeleton 1

Okay, here's the tricky part.. (and you need patience in bending wire specially if your wire is slightly hard to bend). For the wires, i measured all the edges to 1 inch except for the upper and bottom part which i divided but still ends up to 1 inch (which is i have a wrong measurement on the twisted part which should have an allowance of 1.1 inch).

I hope you'll understand my tutorial. waaah

1st - I measured the wire for about 10.5 inch.

2nd - I measured 1 inch from the end of the wire and bent it (using pliers) for this will be the guide which I will make as my hook.

3rd - After bending 1 inch, from the bent wire, I measured again 1/2 inch (but still need small allowance for twisting) for the beginning of making a square skeleton. (refer to the pictures below).

4th - The procedure repeats as long as you make a square skeleton all size for about 1 inch.

5th - after completing the square, bring the wire up for the next making of another square and twist it up using pliers.

Step 3: Making the Skeleton 2

After twisting the wire, bring the wire to the other side to make another square. It would look like a skeleton of a box at the end,. (sorry if I mess up the tutorial (T_T) *if you're having problem with the instruction, please feel free to message me. (or you can have the pictures as reference.

I measured another 1/2 inch for the upper edge part. Same as in the first skeleton. But when I reached at the bottom, i need to measure half inch (but add allowance) because I will have to twist it in order that it will not move and crimp for tightening. Continue the steps until the skeleton is finished.

After the wire reached the other wire, I have to twist it on the gap I left before. And after twisting, (*warning: be careful in using pliers and wire) i should secure and tuck in the wire left so that it won't scratch on my skin.

Step 4: Twisting of the Hook/loop

After the twisting of the wire left, I made a loop/hook by using a round material to make a circle loop/hook. (you can use any object as long as it has round edge.)

Twist again after I made a round loop and tucked in the excess wire after cutting to secure that it won't hurt my skin.

The result is posted in the picture below.. ^_^ I'm really2 sorry if I messed it up.. (T_T)

Step 5: Making the Tassel

In making a tassel, i used another thread.. (you can also use excess thread/string)

1st - using my 2 fingers (for shorter tassel) (*you can also use 3 fingers if you want longer tassel..) I loop the thread around my fingers.

2nd - depending on the width of your desired tassel, you can repeat loop around your fingers for how many times.

I also added a different color of my choice. The same procedure. I just loop and loop around my fingers until I made a round thread.

3rd - Cut the other side and loop it in another round shape object (to put jump ring in the end to connect to the lantern)

4th - Using a different color of thread, i wrap some portion of it and tie it with a simple knot to hold the tassel.. wrap it several times for design (*tips: you can also tie or wrap it using a ribbon)

5th - Cut the excess thread/string

Step 6: Wrapping the String Lantern

It's time to be back to the skeleton I made and wrap it up with a string/thread.

1st - tie a knot of thread/string at the upper part in one of the edge to hold the thread (*note: its slightly slippery in the wire.. for better wrapping, you can use a glue at the tied knot in the edge of the wire.)

2nd - Cut the excess thread/string and tucked the knot inside of the skeleton.

3rd - Continue by tying again in every edge at the first edge the thread met.

After all threads had been tied in the edges, just wrap the thread around the skeleton (without tying a knot again for easier and no gap to be seen later on) and adjust until it fits and covers up all spaces in the skeleton.

4th - Tie the end of the knot and cut excess thread/string

Step 7: Connecting the Tassel to the Lantern

Prepare the tassel and the jump ring.

Insert the tassel in the jump ring using pliers cause some jump rings might be hard to bend.

After the tassel had already a jump ring, cut the excess thread/string and straighten up the end of the tassel.

Connect the tassel at the bottom part of the lantern. Connect it on the lantern by placing it between (where the wires cross) in order to hold the tassel and it will not slide.

Step 8: Finished! and My Other Works ^_^

Put some flowers and other stuffs..

Add ball chain or other necklace strings... tadaaaa! finished

My other works includes some other design.. you can design yours too! ^_^

Thank you for bearing with my tutorial and reading this :-)

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    5 years ago

    Good job for a 1st instructable definitely on my to do list. :-)


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Great Idea !! you should try and fit in a coin cell battery and an LED so that the Latern lights up..


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very cute necklace!

    Your instructions and photos were great. Very nicely done on your first instructable! I hope we see more great projects from you!