Pallet Dining Table




Introduction: Pallet Dining Table

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102 year old floor boards, recycled floor joists to make this beautiful piece

Step 1: The Main Structure

to start off the pallet dining table i got two pallets together and almost stripped them of timber. i then pushed them together and used other scrap pallet timber to screw them together to make it as strong as i could.

Step 2: The Legs

once the two pallets were screwed together i then cut four legs. i screwed these to the inside corners of the table. later in the build i decided to add another leg to make the legs a bit bulkier.

Step 3: Setting Up the Table Top

in these photos i start to lay ontop the recycled timber to see how the layout would look. i started at one end and with my table saw and drop saw i cleaned up the flooring to fit together better as some of the flooring were a bit battered.

Step 4: Bracing the Bottom

once i had cleaned the timber edges up i put some liquid nails down (Australian builders glue)
and then had nailed each board down.
i then flipped the table over. i cut aome 20mm thick board into strips and then glued and screwed them down. this was for extra support of the floor boards. i then used the pallet baords to cover the underside to make it look a bit more appealing.

Step 5: Beginning the Staining

this step is when the staining starts. i stained the table the first time. but once it was done i realized that all the boards were not 100% ever/flush with each other and decided to go over it with an electric belt sander. this took ages. but got there in the end.

Step 6: Staining Continued

i stained the table again and then added a strip of 40mm x 19mm timber around the outside as a boarder. i then decided i didnt like the timber stain and started to sand it back. i didnt sand it all the way back and this left some traces of stain on. but when i stained the new stain on it made a look that i was very pleased about so i made this as the final finished.

after removing all sawdust from the table and used an poxy resin which once dry gives the table a glass finish.

Step 7: The Final Project

now its all done! hope you enjoyed my project. check out my others



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    21 Discussions

    What size are the legs?

    Stunning! I would like a table in which I can remove just the top so I can move it myself. The top should fit over the frame. I think I can modify your design. I am female and older and so if I have to move it myself, it would be easier if I could remove the top. Thank, just gorgeous.

    Do you have a list of materials used

    This is awesome, and I'm inspired to make my own. :D

    One question, how did you attach the border?

    1 reply

    with liquid nails (glue) and also some small nails.

    i think it was black japan and jarrah. the black japan to give some dark highlights and the rest was jarrah

    very beautiful colors

    do you think if they are done all with pallets it would look the same (tabletop)?

    yeh i think so. will just need to make sure all pallets are same thickeness and are straight. just will take a bit of trial and error getting the stain right

    THat table looks amazing! What kind of epoxy did you use?

    1 reply

    just a brand from my local hardware store in australia. ( bunnings) they only have one type but cant remember the brand, sorry

    Beautiful work, well done and thank you for sharing !

    its very sturdy....and heavy. you can stand on it no worries. i used alot of pallets underneath to help brace it

    i used a black japan stain then sanded it almost back and thrn applied a jarrah stain to achieve thame effect i got

    Is the whole table flush? In some of the shots it seemed like some of the boards were sticking up, but then they looked all flat when the resin was set.