Paper Stacking


Introduction: Paper Stacking

this is a guide to paper stacking

Step 1: First Fold

fold the paper crosswise

Step 2: Gluing

put some glue on the half side of the paper then spread the glue evenly, fold the paper then use some random object to force the excess glue out

Step 3: Folding

fold it one more time and repeat the gluing process. one paper makes 4 layers

Step 4: Stacking

stack the papers together to achieve needed number of layers. I suggest putting them under some heavy books to flatten them more as they harden.



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    6 Discussions

    heres the link to the sword

    A link back to the sword instructable would help explain this one, and drive up hits on your sword instructable at the same time.

    1 reply

    why? why do you want a stack of paper all glued together.

    1 reply

    well, this instructible is for my other instructible, the sword, you'll need to stack papers to make it