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Introduction: Paracord Your Keyrings

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Keyrings..... everyone has them. Some have enough junk on them to ruin the ignition tumbler in the car, some are just the key to get in the house. My problem was the remote keyring had snagged and got a bit out of shape..... causing ripped pockets, snag on clothing, and the occasional stab into the finger. So, having finished a couple projects, a few pieces of scrap cord, and coincidentally a piece had snagged on my problem keyring...... which prompted me to do this ( as I was slinging the scraps into the trash can and it took my keys with it). It is simple, no rigs, knots, or weaves to contend with.

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Step 1: What You Need.....

scrap pieces of paracord from your more detailed projectsyou know that thing that burns your finger when held at wrong angle or for to longand the very sharp object

Step 2: The Slightly Difficult Part.... Sizing

wrap the cord around the ring to get the length you need. probably around the inside for a better fit and ease of finding the spot for adding keys..... unlike me who did the outside and now spends 5 minutes looking each time.

Step 3: Easiest Part.....

CAREFULLY cut your length. What you don't see is the band aide over the tip of a finger because I was not CAREFUL. Now remove the core fibers.CAREFULLY use the lighter to lightly melt each end. Do not pinch or twist, you want the ends open. And because I was not CAREFUL, I have small burn blister on another finger.

Step 4: A Little Patience Here, Slightly More Difficult.

This part may bend your fingernail and inflict some discomfort. Start feeding the keyring thru the cord. Continue around making sure you don't poke thru the side of the cord.

Step 5: And We're Done

TA DA!!!!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I love it

    Now I finally know what to do with tiny left overs.

    There are tools for helping keep split rings open

    Do you have a staple remover? that works the best


    5 years ago

    thanks y'all!