Rescued Garden Containers



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Here in Florida we have very sandy sand not dirt and it's very difficult to enrich it to be able to grow anything so container gardens are a big thing. A lot of people use 5 gallon buckets but that usually means one plant per bucket but tree containers come in a wide range of sizes

Step 1: Find Them

I often find these larger containers on the curb but you can ask at local plant nurseries or landscape companies. Not only do they make great raised gardens but the smaller ones work well as recycling sorting containers

Step 2: Fill and Plant

with the larger containers I add a couple layers of aluminum cans and then use a mix of purchased topsoil and composted leaves etc to fill it and then add my plants (mainly HOT peppers)

Step 3: Stake It, Feed It, Watch It Grow

peppers need some support as they grow and produce, all my "stakes" are curb rescues and at the end of the season will go to the scraper to be recycled. Every morning I have coffee and 3 or 4 times a week I have eggs for breakfast so the grounds, filters and shells go in the containers



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