Saturn Vue Hood Release Repair




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problem> hood release cable stretches over time, one day it will not pop the hood. you will need a 5/16 inch hex nut,about 12'' of 1/4 x1/8 flat bar stock,bent as shown,large pliers,and a die grinder with cut off wheel,or hacksaw,flashlight,and a vise.
      first,clamp nut securely in vise,and cut 1/8 inch slot in nut,all the way thru to center.careful,it will be warm.set aside.
       working from the front of vehicle,insert the bent flat bar sideways between hood and body.then rotate 90 degrees so short end points down.
      now comes the tricky must "feel" the rod that the cable goes thru,and use the flat bar to push this rod away from you. success results in a hood pop.this may take some time and a flashlight to succeed.on our saturn,the cable had popped out of the keeper loop.if yours hasn't,use the pliers handle in the hood pin hole to take spring pressure off the cable,and slide it out of keeper.slip your cut 5/16 nut over cable,and pull it towards the lead crimp at the end of the release cable.using pliers again, release spring pressure on keeper to reinstall cable in keeper,with new nut on the crimp side of keeper.use pliers to squeeze nut slot closed.
    have a helper operate hood release from inside vehicle to verify that keeper now moves enough to release hood.close hood and verify proper operation.

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    3 years ago

    Thanks for the tip on opening the hood latch; saved me tonnes of time, money and grief.

    1 reply

    7 years ago on Introduction

    pics actually taken post-repair,which is why the nut appears installed in all pics.