Super Easy Combat Knife


Introduction: Super Easy Combat Knife

this is a cool way of making a knife with very common tools

Step 1: To Start

ok, to start all you need is a exacto knife
sand paper
and sheet of plastic

Step 2: Forming the Knife

ok cut out the shap of any knife you want and were the blade will be form the blade so it is dule

Step 3: Handel Part 1

all you do for the handel is cut it out from the blade

Step 4: Handel Part 2

after cutting it out add any thing for grip what i used is cardbord and electrical tape

Step 5: Sharpining

ok since its not metal you cant use a sharpining stone so i used sand paper



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    55 Discussions

    if ur gunna shrpn it so that it kils smbody, why not jst use the exatco nife?

    Why make a plastic knife when you have a perfectly good utility knife right there? Just sayin' .......

    a "prison shank" should be able to be made IN PRISON.

    That means no knives.


    In shop class I make acrylic shanks and sneek them past my teachers all of the time. our shop teacher is so dumb though that he actualy gave someone an A on a shank not knowing what it was

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    hmm i bet you could use a dremel to cut a shape and a sanding tip for a dremel to sharpen it.but unfortunatly i dont own a dremel (sucks for me) so i cant try it

    all i have to say is "BOOOOOO!!!!" I'd get bored in iraq and make knifes out of tv screens(they curved ) or chunks of broken tile. you need to try harder or quit.

    You can't get a regular knife past the metal detectors at you-name-it high security area.

    Depending on the "sheet of plastic" used these can be pretty nasty.

    I've seen some made from the lexan/bulletproof/area-51-plastic windows in prisons that were pretty nasty. Slipped right through the metal detectors too.

    But I'll fall in with everyone else and say this is a pretty shoddy demonstration of how to make a plastic knife.

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    or u could make a glass or ceramic knife, razor sharp and could probably get past security

    Yeah, depending of the plastic, it can be quite nasty in stabs.... but what if it's got to clash blades like the one in warrior movies with real knives?

    step one you have a knife by step 5 you have a blunt knife a messy bit of plastic and some wasted sand paper

    yeah everyone wants a plastic knife