Training Wheels for Your Helicopter.




Or perhaps more appropriately training balls.

This is an old idea reminded to me by Zach Radding.

It works great.


You break your new remote control helicopter every time you try to learn to use it.


You give it training stabilizers.

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Step 1: Add Stabilizer Arms and Ping Pong Ball Ends.

two pieces of carbon fiber rod or even wooden dowel work great. you need 4 rubber bands and 4 old ping pong balls too.

cross the two pieces of carbon rod and elastic band them to the bottom of helicopter.

Step 2: Add Ping Pong Balls to Ends.

this prevents you from poking your or other people's eyes out.

puncture a hole in ping pong ball then stuff it on the rods.

i used a darning needle to puncture the ping pong ball.



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    42 Discussions


    5 years ago

    I found two old fishing rod and use the smaller ends nip off the eyelets and use some strap ties and it works great thanks for the ideal


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Nice and I just need to find some wire rod. Did the helicopter have any noticeable difficulty lifting the extra payload?

    6 replies

    Most good helicopters (electric or glow) should have no problem with extra weight but cheep crapy toysRus types might not be able to. How ever they could affect the balance of some small electric and probably some glow too. Just make sure their evenly balanced.


    Haha, Ahhh the sound of a newbie RC pilot... The "cheap" helicopters are any thing from $10 - 150. The helicopters that are expensive range from $150 - 2000. It is not a cheap hobby.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great work and I have got great idea. I will also try to make balance like this. This is good use of ping pong ball.