Virtual Speech for Vocally Challenged People (Intel IOT)

Introduction: Virtual Speech for Vocally Challenged People (Intel IOT)

We planned to provide a smart solution for the vocally challenged people to communicate as of like normal people. This methodology involves recognition of hand muscle movements accurately and integrates with the Intel Edison. The wearable-technology like Myo Armband is used to recognize different hand motions based on the muscle movement . The electrical signals are produced according to the muscle movement in Armband thus the signals will be transmitted to the Intel Edison accordingly. The Intel Edison which in turn play the voice in consonance with the muscle movement which are previously stored in cloud/memory card . It contains different pre recorded voices for different gestures in its memory unit. The voice can be heard through the speaker/headphone which is connected to the Intel Edison.

Step 1: Description

This Upgrades Sign Language for Vocally challenged people into New Gesture Language to speak like normal peoples.

What is the target audience and available market for your Project? In our world Around 70 million people are struggling to speak. So we Screwed our focus for those persons. How does your Project technically work? By Identifying the hand movement and muscle movement in the hand via Electromyography, We are combining different signals possibly to increase the vocabulary. How does your Project take advantage of Cloud connectivity? On board Memory has takes limited space so it cannot be processsed for more vocabulary. Thus Cloud computing provides larger memory space Sensor utilization? Gyro , ElectroMyography, Accelerometer How does your Project make use of Software components?Visual Studio 2013, Arduino , Myo SDKHardware components? Intel Edison , Grove Sensors, Myo Armband , Speaker , Display The Dev Kit? Wearable Band : Wearable arm band which recognizes signal hence encrypts the signal in to corresponding Audio signal via Speaker/Bluetooth hands free.

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