Introduction: Interactive Halloween Mirror

About: We are the Lichtbaendiger from germany. We are manufacturer of optical glasses. If you like to see what we do, you are welcome to visit our website.
We have made an interactive Halloween mirror.

It is a computerprogram with a face recognition module. It use a webcam to take a live video and put funny Halloween masks on the faces on the screen.

Step 1:

You need just a few things for the Halloween mirror:

  • Computer with a monitor or a Laptop
  • Webcam
  • Computerprogram (can download here)
  • Decoration for the monitor (like dark cloth, spiderwebs,...)

Step 2: The Program

The program is written in processing. This is a language developed for electronic arts and visual design. It is based on the java programming language and generates java bytecode.

Step 3: The Frame

The decoration frame was painted with corelDraw.

The field in the middle is for the video.

Step 4: The Masks

The Halloween masks also made with corelDraw.

We made nine different masks, they will change all 5 seconds.

Step 5: Installation

We uses the Intel openCV library for the face recognition. You must install it first.

You will find it here:

Important, you must load the version 1.0. After installation you need to restart the your system.

If have no java virtual machine installed on your computer, you should do it:

And check that you have this two DLLs in your SYSTEM32 folder. Most computers will have them. If not, you will find them on Microsofts website, or ask a friend.

After this you can download the installationprogram of the Halloween mirror, unzip and install it.

If the video is not so smoothly on your computer, then you can try to reduce the resolution.

Step 6:

Now you can set the monitor on a good place, like the buffet or near the house door. So every coming guest can see it.

You can make some decoration at the monitor, like black cloth or spiderweb, bats, ...

If you like our program and use it next halloween, please take some pictures of it and send them to us.

We wish you many fun with our Halloween mirror

The Lichtbaendiger from germany
Ruth and Thomas

An update after 6 years ;-)

I have made the program as an experimental Android App. It runs on several devices. I also tried it on an old Samsung Netbook with Android x86. It works.

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