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Introduction: Dracena Leaf Quack Instrument

hello everyone, this is my first instructables, I hope you like it ! this is "quack whistle" and I called it LEAF QUACK INSTRUMENT !
this is a blow instrument. actually this is really simple . just roll the leaf, and blow it ! OK, enjoy this instructables !

Step 1: Take Some Leaf of Dracena Bamboo

what you need ?

1. a dracena bamboo leaf
2. tape
3. scissor

just pick one or two dracena bamboo leaf from your garden. i pick the green one with yellow volcadot. it looks beauty !

Step 2: Cut It !

yes , Cut it !
Cut the tip of the leaf, cause it will prevent the air when you blow this leaf.

Step 3: Rolling Time !

roll from the cutted tip into the top surface of the leaf. keep roll up so the bottom face of the leaf stay outside.
give some tape at the end of roll !

Step 4: Fold !

fold the one side . fold tightly, remember, only the one side of tube, not both !

OK ! youre finish !

Step 5: Blow It !!

just blow it ! you can perform some not with this instrument. try it this is so exciting, i like bending sound !
dont ask me the sound, just try it ! and you will surprise !

thanks, I hope you enjoy this ! 

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    5 years ago

    Love it!!! I work at a bamboo nursery, going to annoy my coworkers with this tomorrow! Thanks! :D


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    i'll upload that later bud, i didnt have a fast internet connection :D

    E Major
    E Major

    9 years ago on Introduction

    What if we don't have bamboo in our garden? I'm sure most people don't where I'm from. Over all, cool idea.